myWL 1.0.11 Released - 04 August 2004

myWL 1.0.11 plugin has been released which adds proper WL 6.1 support. Also a new feature has been added which, if desired, enables logging of CMP generated SQL statements. Check the Release Notes for more information about the release.

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FORTHnet's WebLogic Eclipse plugin (short name myWL plugin) is an Eclipse SDK 3.0 compatible plugin which allows BEA's WebLogic Server (6.1, 7.1 and 8.1) to be started and managed from within Eclipse and thus easily debug deployed J2EE applications in BEA.

The plugin has several configuration options which will let you easily and quickly configure the way your WebLogic Server instance should be started within Eclipse. Detailed information about plugin's configuration can be found in the Configuration Guide.

Please note, that the plugin is not a J2EE development framework replacement. If you need a plugin which will help you to compile, package and possibly deploy a J2EE application to your favourite application server, then you're looking at the wrong place. myWL is only a simple BEA WebLogic Server launcher which can help you debug an already packaged and deployed J2EE application in BEA. Nothing more and nothing less ;)

Now, since you've been informed about myWL and you know what this is all about, you can get your self started. You need to first to download and then install the plugin. After installation check the Configuration Guide and perhaps the Getting Started Guide.

Also, if you like, check the myWL History section to find out how the myWL plugin came to world.

This is all ! Enjoy and happy coding ;)

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