Main Features

Currently, myWL plugin version 1.0.11 has the following features. Please note, that since version 1.0.8, Eclipse 3.0 SDK is the only eclispe supported version.

Feature Feature Description
Server Version Supported WebLogic Server version 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1 is supported. Note, that currently the plugin is developed and tested mainly against version 8.1.
Server Control The plugin is capable of starting in debug or non-debug mode a locally installed supported version of WebLogic Server. Offcourse, support for shutting down a started WebLogic Server instance is included. In addition, the shutdown operation can be performed either gracefully or by force, depending on user's will.
Server JMV Launch Mode From the plugin's JVM preference page, you can choose if the WebLogic Server instace will be started in debug mode or not. If you start a WL instance in a non-debug mode you will loose the ability to place breakpoints in your code and therefore debug your deployed application in WL, but there are circumstances where this feature can be handy.
Server Operation Mode From the plugin's main preference page, you can choose if you're willing to start the WebLogic Server instance in production mode or not. Consult BEA's documentation for more info about the difference of a production and development mode in WL servers.
Server's Boot Identity From the plugin's main preference page, you can choose to use or not the provided username & password (which are used for authenticating with WL's admin tool for shutting down the server) as the boot identity which will start the server. This feature is handy for those who have configured their local WL installation to use a boot identity stored in a local configuration file and wish the username & password provided values to be used only for authenticating with BEA's admin tool.
CMP Generated SQL Statements Logging From the plugin's main preference page, you can choose if WL should log CMP generated SQL statements. This feature has been tested only with WL 8.1. Older WL versions may support this feature, but no testing has been made.

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