In late 2003, FORTHnet's R&D department, a division of FORTHnet S.A. required to develop J2EE applications for it's customers.

Back then, developers at FORTHnet's R&D department were coding their applications using Eclipse 2.1 and were deploying to a BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 application server. It was obvious that a plugin to support WebLogic Server 8.1 launching from within Eclipse was needed.

Initially, FORTHnet's R&D department evaluated the excelent WebLogic Plugin 1.0.0 for Eclipse by Hiroshi Hisamatsu, which didn't meet the required demands due to the lack of WebLogic Server 8.1 support, therefore Filippos Slavik a FORTHnet's R&D department developer, took the initial code from the WebLogic Plugin 1.0.0 for Eclipse and added support for WebLogic Server 8.1 among with some other minor features.

Since then, the derived internal plugin has evolved, some features have been added (check the ChangeLog Report and the Features section for more info) and it's internal structure has changed and became more modular, thus supporting new versions of the WebLogic Server product is now a really quick task. Also, since version 1.0.8, only Eclipse 3.0 SDK is supported.

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