What is myWL plugin?

myWL is an Eclipse 3.0 plugin which allows BEA's WebLogic Server (6.1, 7.1 and 8.1) to be started and managed from within Eclipse and thus easily debug deployed J2EE applications in BEA.

Is there any relationship with the WebLogic Plugin developed originally by Hiroshi Hisamatsu?

Yes, myWL plugin is actually a code fork based on an old WebLogic Plugin version. You may read the myWL history section for more information.

Why only Eclipse 3.0 is supported ? Is there any chance Eclipse 2.1 will be ever supported ?

Eclipse 3.0 is the new version of the Eclipse project and myWL was designed especially for this very version. There are no currently plans (and there will be not) for supporting Eclipse 2.1. If you really need to manage WebLogic server from Eclipse 2.1, try to search for newer versions of WebLogic Plugin that run under eclipse 2.1 and do support 3.0 as well.

What WebLogic Server versions are supported by myWL plugin?

myWL plugin supports WebLogic Server 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1. Development and testing is done against WL8.1 therefore if you use that version, then you can be sure that all plugin's features are well checked, tested and that they do work with that specific WL version. As of 04/08/04 it is known that WL6.1 is also well supported by myWL (versions 1.0.11 or newer). Support for WL7.1 has not been tested, but it should work well. If you are using WL7.1 and you believe that myWL does not support that version correctly, please be so kind and send feedback to the author.

Is there any eclipse update site for the plugin ?

Currently there is no update site available. If you like and you are familiar with maven, send to the author patches which whould allow maven to automatically generate the update site together with the project web site.


I have downloaded myWL plugin. How do I install it ?

Installation, even if an update site is not yet available, is pretty easy. Just unzip the downloaded file in the folder where you have installed eclipse. Check the myWL Installation Guide for more information.

I have installed myWL plugin but the plugin does not work!

After installing the plugin you have to configure it ! Read the myWL Configuration Guide for more information.

I have configured myWL but the plugin does not start ! It throws NoClassDefFound exceptions!

More likely you have specified an incorrect WebLogic Server Home in the WebLogic Preference Page. If, for example, you have installed BEA's WebLogic Server 8.1 in /opt/bea then the correct value for the WebLogic Server Home configuration value is /opt/bea/weblogic81 and NOT just /opt/bea.