myWL Installation Guide

First you need to download myWL plugin, check the Download Section where you'll find information about the download site. Once you have downloaded the plugin's binary distribution, unzip it in your ecplise installation base directory. For example suppose you have downloaded myWL plugin 1.0.9 in /tmp and you have installed eclipse 3.0 in /opt/eclipse-3.0.x-gtk, then the installation steps you have to follow whould be:

fsla@javaki fsla $ cd /opt/eclipse-3.0.x-gtk/
fsla@javaki eclipse-3.0.x-gtk $ unzip /tmp/
Archive:  /tmp/
   creating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/
   creating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/META-INF/
   creating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/icons/
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/cpl-v10.html
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/icons/exit.gif
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/icons/next.gif
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/icons/stop.gif
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/myWL.jar
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/
  inflating: plugins/gr.forthnet.eclipse.plugin.weblogic_1.0.9/plugin.xml

Now, restart eclipse and you're done. myWL plugin is installed.

After restarting eclipse, you should see the plugin's toolbar and the plugin's menu item in eclipse's main menu.

WebLogic Plugin Toolbar

Figure 1: Plugin's Toolbar

WebLogic Plugin Menu

Figure 2: Plugin's Main Menu

Please note, that rendering in your enviroment may be different due to the windowing system being used.

If you're unable to see the plugin's toolbar and/or menu bar, then you have to customize your perspective. Goto eclipse's menu Window -> Customize Perspective .... Select the Commands tab and select the WebLogic Server Control command group.

Figure 3: Adding the WebLogic Server Control command group in your perspective.

Now you have installed myWL plugin correcly, you need to configure it also. Check the Configuration reference guide for more information.

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