Getting Started Guide

If you have successfully installed and configured the plugin you can use it to develop, run and debug your J2EE application with BEA's WebLogic Server from within Eclipse 3.0. A typical development scenario could be the following.

First, build your J2EE application and package it to a standard ear archive. Deploy the ear, by moving it the domain's application directory. If you have configured BEA's WebLogic Server for non production mode, then the application will be deployed automatically when you start the server. If not, then you will need to deploy the application manually when you start the server.

Start the server using either the plugin's toolbar or menu.

WebLogic Plugin Toolbar

Figure 1: Plugin's Toolbar

WebLogic Plugin Menu

Figure 2: Plugin's Main Menu

Wait until the server intializes and deploy all configured application. Run you application, test it and place breakpoints if you wish. Check the following screenshot, where a J2EE application is being debugged in Eclipse while running on BEA's WebLogic Server SP2.

Debuging an application

Figure 3: Debuging an application with the plugin

If your JVM supports HotSwap then you can modify the running code from within eclipse without re-packaging your application. Offcourse, sometimes HotSwap will fail (for example when you add or remove new methods, etc). In such cases you need to rebuild, repackage and redeploy your application again and offcourse restart the server.

Enjoy ;)

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